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Book Review


I have recently finished Divergent which my friends were practically forcing me to read. And I'm so grateful for their efforts because I could not put the book down. Divergent is nothing like The Hunger Games - I admit I thought these two books were of the same plot, believe me, they're not. I think  the districts and factions were the cause of that.


Anyhow, I really enjoyed Divergent and couldn't put the book down. The pages seemed to be flicked past way too fast but I couldn't help that. It was thrilling and adventurous from the eyes of Tris. I could also really relate to Tris's story and how she left her family behind because of her secret. 



Tobias's story was very touching in the sense that he's so vulnerable under all the muscle and skill. Then the love story begins with hints of tension in the air. 


I believe Veronica Roth has done a fantastic job with Divergent and I can't wait to see the movie. The movie was released about two months ago but I want to read the whole series before I see the Divergent movie. 


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