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Movie Review


The Percy Jackson movie was released a couple of years ago but I only got around to watching it late last year. Even though the movie is based on Greek Mythology and the Greek Gods, it is highly entertaining because it's modernized and it gives the audience a feeling of awe and wonder. The places where Percy (son of Poseidon), Annabeth (daughter of Athena) and Grover (a satyr) go are hidden is places no body would every expect.


But those places are so ordinary like a florist and a casino which bring another wow factor. While I was watching the movie, I thought to myself: "Wow, magic can be anywhere". Like The Hunger Games and Divergent, Percy Jackson makes me feel powerful and it's just that you have to accept yourself and accept what your situation is.




I love the term 'demi-gods' and the whole kadandra about the lightning bolt. Percy, Annabeth and Grover travel to dangerous and mysterious places that have been modenized for the younger viewers and the sets and scenes are so realistic.


Percy is one of our generations heroes and his story will be told to  my children through me in the future. I can't wait to read the books... again and for the coming movies to be announced and released.


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