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Movie Review


I have to say... Tangled was the first every Disney movie that I actually loved. Rapunzel is seen to be strong and feminine which I like because in the previous princess movies, the princess is seen to be weak and helpless and always waiting for the prince charming. But here, we witness the unravelling of something great.


Flynn Rider is oh-so charming and is quite a cocky character but is sensitive inside. The frying pan scenes were bloody hilarious actually and his duel with Maximus on the clifftop was funny and exhilarating. 



I love the songs and the glowing hair and the little green chameleon. I love how the evil stole Rapunzel at first and how Flynn was a thief who just needed some love. 


Overall, Tangled is one of my favourite animated movies and I give thanks to the director and the voices of the character!


Love always,