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The Hunger Games

Book Review


I actually saw the movie before reading the book. My mum actually band me from reading or watching The Hunger Games but being the rebellious bitch I am, I read and watched it anyways. I thought the movie was amazing with all the costumes and personalities.


The book I was quite disappointed about and please don't judge but I actually like the movie more than the book. Please don't judge. I think it's because I saw the movie first. Anyways, the way Suzanne describes the physicalities of the  tributes Katniss is up against is really raw and truthful as I saw in the movie. I loved how Katniss is so rebellious and she never listens to what others say but she acts on instinct and her gut feeling. 



Katniss is witty and is well-trained with a bow and arrows. She out-smarts the other tributes with ease on numerous occasions and never backs down from a fight. Katniss is one of our generation's heroes alongside so many others. Katniss teaches everyone so many lessons about justice and bravery and the ability to conform to the RIGHT crowd. Even though she's a fictional character from Suzanne's imagination, her love life is much out of balance, changing from Gale to Peeta. 


All characters from The Hunger Games have back stories that are not mentioned or explained but judging by their personalities, they all have lessons to teach us. Take Cato for example: fit, good-looking, strong, fierce & a big threat. Cato died not because Katniss just killed him, he was smart to have held Peeta in a choking postion. But his wits took him down and his head was too in the clouds and fantasizing about winning that he eventually fell. 


You can also tell  that Haymitch Abernathy is a little tipsy at times but it's all for a reason. 


I love The Hunger Games and the way Suzanne Collins has written it.


Love always,