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Catching Fire

Book Review


This book is such an amazing and thrilling sequel to an already amazing Hunger Games. I was so upset when Katniss was put back into the arena along with Peeta. I mean, I sincerely felt sorry for her and Peeta since they have already been through so much in the first Games and now they have to survive the next. I really loved this book though. The tragedies, heartbreak and mind-blowing experiences just wouldn't let me put the book down - it was like I was handcuffed to the cover of the book.


There, Katniss and Peeta meet Finnick, Johanna, Mags and the other fierce tributes. Finnick originally cracked me up in laughter since he was so flirty and chatty and Johanna made me feel so strong as she was so strong herself with her axe.   Mags was just a beautiful old lady who volunteered for Finnick's love so she wouldn't die. Honestly, these characters all have spectacular back stories. 



Catching Fire was the first book to ever make me cry. And I cried when one of my favourite tributes sacrificed her life for the others. And sad as it seems (or you may be amused) I still try to refrain from crying today - 3 months on from when I finished the book - when thinking about her. 


It amazes me how much Suzanne Collins has put so much effort and description into the book because I just couldn't stop. I will always remember this book, even until my last hour.


Love always,