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One of my beautiful friends Emily actually kind of forced me into reading this series since she's absolutely crazy about The Hunger Games. By the end of Catching Fire I was dumbfounded at the last couple of paragraphs and I couldn't wait to get my hands onto Mockingjay. Now let me tell you, there was a lot of tears and a lot of screaming.


Since Katniss made it she's still weary of what is going on around her and she knows that she was the spark of a new rebellion since The Hunger Games. I give a big round of applause to Suzanne because this book is so heartfelt and so touching with so many twists and turns and shocking situations. I couldn't help but think to myself that sometimes my life is like this... not the bombing and violence but sometimes I feel what Katniss feels, loneliness, hope, etc.


I think the author could have added Johanna into a couple more scenes because she is such a strong character and without her, Katniss wouldn't have been here today. Finnick and Annie are just so damn perfect and then a sledgehammer was thrown and a much-loved protagonist dies. Why? Why?



The ending is so beauiful and I couldn't help but shed a tear, I actually cried for a good two hours after I finished Mockingjay. I recommend The Hunger Games series to anyone who loves Divergent, The Maze Runner, Vampire Academy, Evertruth.


Keep reading and stay happy everyone!


Love always,