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The Kill Order (Prequel to The Maze Runner)

Book Review


I was really excited to read this because I'd seen The Maze Runner break out into the film industry with Dylan O'Brien as the protagonist. I added the series to my to-read list without even thinking and a bunch of my friends actually got their hands on my list and bought the entire series for my birthday. I began reading the prequel almost immediately and I was quite exhilarated.


The Kill Order is from third point-of-view which was kind of confusing since I've only ever read books that have been written in first-person. Besides that point, the book is full of action and mystery which I really love and some romance still lingers between some characters. 



I love the character of Mark because I can easily relate to him in the sense that I'd react how he'd react. Sometimes I freak out and I don't know what to do and sometimes I act with the snap of someone's fingers which I think is crazy. 


There was only one thing that disappointed me and that was the the book left me with so many unanswered questions. At the end and when I closed the book, I just sat there thinking about all the questions I have left about Alec and Trina and the PFC. And Deedee. I mean why is she immune? And the people in control of 'the kill order', crap!


... so many unanswered questions rattling inside my brain.


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